home phone line down


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our home line isnt functioing today, anyone else?

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You'll need to be way more specific as to location. It's entirely possible it may just be your line, or one of the devices on it causing the issue.


Instructions for No Dialtone: https://www.telus.com/en/bc/support/article/home-phone-no-tone

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Mine isn't functioning either (for 11 days) due to the storm. Telus is going to check it out Wed.

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@WellMade wrote:

I have the problem of all passwords changed and all local calls are long distance now and the 4k pvr is not working either .Telus is making the same mistake as there competitor i am not happy about it and the help i received by telus was useless .How were all my passwords without my permission . 

Sounds like a server issue. For passwords, if the identity server is unavailable, it would appear your passwords are not working / are reset.


The other issues are parallel. Have you tried reseting each of the devices? Turn them all off, then start in order from router to endpoint.


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