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hdmi switch compatible with UIW8001

Friendly Neighbour

hi there,


I just wanted another tv box for the front room... turns out they came and re-installed just about everything and now nothing else I have works! 😛

my system was older and so now I have optical cable into the house and a UIW8001 set top box.


the thing is, my tv is on the wall and there is a single hdmi cable running to it and I have speakers with cables coming out of the floor. all components are in another room. what I had in the past was an hdmi swtich and this switch even had an optical audio out so that I could feed it to my external DAC before pumping to my amplifier. that hdmi switch is obviously compatible with the new 4k box.


does anyone have any recommendation for a hdmi 4k switch compatible with the UIW8001? additionally if I can't find one with a digital audio out then can I install a "listener" of some kind?


I'd rather not buy another hifi amp with hdmi input but... how do these things work? would I be able to use it as a switch (ie. multiple hdmi sources in and one out to the tv)?


thanks for any guidance.


Friendly Neighbour

after looking around a bit I think maybe I can use something like this?


do I need something that is hdcp 2.2 compliant? my tv is not and I only plan to do 1080p for the near future.