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frustrating attempt to upgrade to 300


So I have 150 now cleary via a fibre connection , I called and confirmed that yes in fact I can get 300 but guess what ? It will be the full 110 price (with a contract) .. Really ? I ask , no discounts for signing a contract ? Nope rep replies 


 So whats the point in signing a contract? If I wanted the thrill of paying full price wouldn't I just do it and go M2M ? Seems like very little reason to sign up 



Where do you live?  What city/town?


I just upgraded yesterday.  It's only $75 for me.  I was paying $95 for 150/150.  That plan is now $70 so I figured may as well upgrade if it's only $5 difference.  For that speed/price I'm not complaining.  I don't notice much difference though.  Most connections never get up to 150 so bumping that up to 300 isn't going to change that.


I'm in New West, clearly I'm not going to upgrade and pay full price .. Screw that lol


Edit: Im now being told the reason I won't get any discount is because Im in a contract (For TV ) Till Feb 2020..  That still doesn't make sense because if you think of it a) Nothing stopping me from taking my net to shaw now so hey why not make the customer happy and b) I'm locked in over the long run longer then I would have been so more money for Telus ..

I would give retention a call and let them know your thoughts about the situation. They are usually good at keeping you as a customer.