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Who owns/controls the fibre at the premises (i.e.: Post-demarcation point)?

Just Moved In
Background: VNOs rent lines from CO to the in-suite part of the dwelling, all they provide is in-suit modem and networking equipment at CO. The CRTC mandates both copper line sharing and now fibre line sharing, but no VNO offers fibre as I think the big 3 don’t have to offer it at decent rates, unlike copper (maybe one day in the future). I live in a MUD and Telus is in the process of installing fibre to each suite.

So, my question is: could an independent fibre provider bring FttP, then use the fibre lines at the wiring closet to each suite for free or do they need Telus permission (and rental fees) to use the on-premises part of the fibre lines? What are the legal implications?

I could see this happening more and more as it seems all the copper VNOs only ever did the end-point stuff but there are quite a few independent fibre NOs that run their fibre right to the premises as costs of micro-trenching are quite cheap and they are expanding their physical networks unlike traditional VNOs that always borrowed the geographic physical networks.
I know providers like Novus offer fibre to buildings, but only new ones that already have fibre installed to each suite. So, like my example above, they bring FttP (vs. FttH) and then use existing on-site lines.
The only difference I can see is possibly the on-site fibre was installed by the building itself during construction, so left open to any NO to connect to. But, Telus usually only covers fixes to lines up to the Demarcation point, everything on premises that needs fixing is up to the building owners.

I guess I need answers from Telus installers and maybe Telus resellers of the contracts to install fibre to MUDs. Are there clauses in the contracts that say only Telus can use the on-premises lines? If so, are these contracts forever or have a set time limit, or can be re-negotiated at a certain set date after install?

Would love some answers from people with real knowledge of the facts.