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Weird internet downs

We have Telus fibre 150, unlimited internet bandwidth (as far as I know), the 3200 modem and a TP Link 16 port switch downstream.
We use Optic for TV and have mostly one TV running out of 3 connected at a time. I also have a kid hoocked up with a PC that he uses for gaming. Another kid has an XBox1

No matter if two of the kids are playing online or one. When’s either quits playing my whole network goes down. TVs freeze, the other kid’s game freezes too.

If I go to the switch and disconnect the Xbox or PC, or both if both are online... all goes to normal.

I sometimes notice the modem light on the port to go dead. When I change the ports that the switch is connected to to difrent port.. I get a blinking green light again.

Any thoughts?

Community Power User
Community Power User

That could be the Xbox. There was a recent discussion on here about hardwired Xboxes temporarily killing network ports until the router and Xbox is rebooted. Try things tempoarily without the Xbox and see if things work better.

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Thank you. Yes.. I read about the Xbox issue. However, we had the very same problem with the Desktop prior acqaring the console.

Do you have anything other then the switch connected to the other ports on the T3200?  If so are any of those devices affected when you get this problem?  If everything is connected to the switch then maybe try connecting a device (TV or computer or XBox) directly to the T3200 and see what happens.  It sounds like a broadcast storm is somehow being created when the game playing ends (perhaps the game server flooding your network looking for the computer or XBox) - and the T3200 responds by killing the port the switch is connected to. 

Thank you.
No, there is nothing else connected to the 3200 but the switch. It’s not only the Xbox that creates the issue. The desktop that my older kid uses to play games does it as well.

I’ll try running a patch from the Xbox to the modem and see what happens. I’ll do that with the pc too.
I have swapped the TP switch too but that didn’t solve the issue.

Funny is, this happens random, not always quitting. a game creates a problem.

Plus, the issue doesn’t freeze the tv per se.
I get a lot of pixelation, freezing.
Sometimes I can hear the sound intact with frozen screen and then it goes normal for few seconds and goes down again..

Until I pull the patch to either the pc or Xbox out from the switch.