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Webmail frequently logs me out


This has been happening for over a year now - I use webmail because I might be accessing my email from 4 or 5 different devices so want it all available from wherever I am. I share most of those devices so don't want to use Outlook or the iPad's mail app as I don't want everyone in the house reading my messages

I can either be composing an email, reading an email or not using the system at all and when I go to do something in the webmail, all of a sudden I am logged out. This is particularly frustrating when I have composed a long message, hit send and discover I am logged out. When the login screen comes up it says "Authentication Required" . I have even tried clicking the "keep me logged in" on one computer but that doesn't help. Like I said, this is happening on at least 4 different devices. At least on my cell phone where I have the mail app set up this doesn't occur

In addition, frequently when I try to open a message I get an "a client error has occurred. Please try again" message and I have to refresh my screen.


This is all very annoying and is making me think of changing to gmail or yahoo or something else.



Hi Srcook, do you know how long the time out usually takes? Often times a time out is implemented for security reasons. If you find it is not long enough to compose/reply to emails you can try writing your response in an external application such as notepad, and then paste it into the body of your email response once you re-log in.

Thanks for that, it is really inconsistent, sometimes it can be minutes, other times hours. I have learned to recognize the signs that something isn't right and will often copy the content of the message but I don't always catch it. I log out at least once daily, at work I log out every night then back in come morning. Sometimes within a half hour I am kicked out other times it can be a few hours. I have contacted Telus about it and they are looking into the issue.