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How do I report a bug in Webmail?


When using Chrome, the X in the corner of a mail message tab will not close the mail.  You have to click on the close button.  The X works fine in Firefox.  Also, in Chrome, a window opened up by a search cannot be closed with the X either.  The only way to get rid of a search window is to close Webmail and restart it.



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The X in the corners works fine for me in Chrome on both the mail message and search. Do you have javascript blocked or anything else that may be interfering (including extensions or plugins)?

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No, Java is not blocked.

Enabled plugins:

Flash video downloader

IBM Security Rapport

Google Docs Offline

Chrome Apps:  Docs

Adobe Acrobat

Identity Guard Safe Browsing


I will try disabling them one at a time and see if it changes.  I'll let you know.


Thanks, Nighthawk



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So, I disabled all extensions, and the close window X started working again.  I re-enabled them one by one, and the Identity Guard Safe Browsing plugin was the culprit.  So, it appears to be solved.  


Thanks for your help!