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WIFI started glitching, sometimes can't even find a network

Just Moved In

About a week ago our wifi started crapping out. Nothing has changed. We are on fibre, 5g optic, haven't had a single issue until last week. We have unplugged and we will get one or two networks that work for an hour, then the networks can't be found and we have to unplug again. I've tried waiting in the telus queue but after an hour and a half I get booted from the queue only to have to sign in again. TV, direct connection are all fine. It's just the wifi. not sure there's anything to try? Thinking we need a new router. 


Any input or thoughts appreciated!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Keep a note of the dates and times this happens to you, so you can share the frequency of occurrence.


You can also try contacting them by Private Message to their Facebook page or DM to  their Twitter account, which is sometimes easier.


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