VISA Card offer - did anyone get their card they were promised?


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Telus recently ran fibre to my house this summer and then came to my door offering a great deal with a $400 prepaid VISA card if I cancelled Shaw. I accepted and was connected on October 18th, 2017..


It has been almost 3 months and I still have yet to receive my $400 VISA card. I have contacted the online chat numerous times and they all assured me "it is coming, it is coming..." but I still have yet to see anything.


So, I'm posting publicly here to see how long other people waited to get their cards and how much hassle it was.

Just Moved In

I still have not received the visa card that I was promised.  When I call Telus for an update they can't find a record that I am supposed to receive a card.  Not sure why I signed a contract if I am getting nothing out of it