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Upgraded to internet 150 now Roku TV cannot connect to internet - Telus Tech is at a loss?


I had no issues with my Telus internet 50 but was offered an upgrade to 150mbps (pure fibre is not available in my neighbourhood at this time.)


I had no problems before the upgrade and I have added no new items.  The new faster internet was not as good right from the start... noticeable on Roku TV when streaming, slow when checking email on computer, gaming on PS4 etc.  Telus Tech comes out and tests it and says it's all great and running like it should.  A few days later I call the tech back because things are even worse - he tests everything, replaces the modem and adds Telus Boost.


Now Roku TV connects to wireless but cannot connect to internet at all.  Tech tests the Roku TV by setting up a hotspot on his cell phone and it works immediately.  The Roku TV does not have an ethernet port so connecting through wireless is the only option.


I contacted Roku who says it's your ISP's problem.... Telus knows it worked flawlessly on internet 50 but has no clue why it won't work with internet 150 and says maybe it's Roku's problem - HELP!?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Since the router was swapped and Boost added, double check the wifi settings on the Roku. Delete the saved network off it and then try to connect to your wifi again, enter the password, and see if it works. Changing the speed should have zero impact on the ability of the Roku to connect.  My Roku still worked after bumping up my speed a while back.

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Thanks but done and no luck... I even went as far as taking the Roku back to factory settings and same. 


Also, keep in mind the problem actually started before the router was replaced and boost added - something changed that made my wifi worse when changing from 50 to 150.  At this point I would happily go back to 50 as no one at Telus seems to be able to figure this out.

In your roku go to settings>network>about what info does it give on your connection. Assume the roku stick?

Your TV is currently not connected to the Internet.  Please go to 'Set up connection'.  (which of course does not work)


I am not using a Roku device... it is a Roku TV that is about three years old.

Does your rokutv even see Wi-Fi SSIDs (networks available) to connect to?

Yes it see's all available including the new one for our house.