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Upgraded to Internet 75 but wifi speed is horrible

Just Moved In

I just upgraded to Internet 75 and the average wifi speed I'm getting is 45mbps. On a hard wire speed test, the speed is 100+ mbps. I had spoken with Telus tech support and made few changes to wifi settings like channel, frequency, etc., but to of no avail. They also sent a technician to my house and he made a few more changes to the network settings and replaced the modem but the problem remains.


What could be causing this problem? Appreciate any help. Thx.


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are SO many things which can affect Wi-Fi speeds. If a wired connection gets 100+ Mbps, then there is likely something in your local environment or the devices you are using to connect affecting your Wi-Fi speeds. Have a look at this article to see just some of the issues.

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Use ethernet that fixed all of my problems