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Unable to access certain sites on Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Hi there,

I'm unable to access certain websites while others I can no problem, however the majority of sites I can't access. This happens on Wi-Fi and Ethernet. This happened last month as well but it seemed to have cleared up after a couple days. For example I can visit Google and search for things or Facebook but CBC or Reddit I can't. It says I've timed out. I've restarted the modem and devices with no luck. I try accessing the sites directly via their ip address with no luck as well.

Community Power User
Community Power User
Have you tried it on multiple devices to see if the issue persists?

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I have, yes. It is present on two mobile phones, and laptop. The error just says the standard "This website can not be reached, the server might be busy or check your internet connection"

I have no problems searching on Reddit right now.  I have a problems with reddit on some days when I guess the site is busy or under maintenance.


Just did a search on CBC, IE 11 is giving me problems.  Firefox is OK.


In both cases, I blame the website for search issues. 

Yes this definitely seems to be contained to my connection and not the websites. As I'm writing this post coincidentally I'm now able to access them! I'm not sure why this happens, but I'd be curious to know. This has just been the second time it's happened.


Thanks for replying!

I quit using IE11 for the exact reason and issues your having. It would connect with websites then out of the blue stop connecting those same sites, no amount of rebooting, resetting IE, booting router or anything would work to fix the problem. I never did figure out why IE does this random no connection soI couldn't be bothered anymore then IE11 got kicked to the curb. No way am I going to strip down the IE11 security settings just to use IE11. I downloaded Firefox and been happy ever since. There is way better options out there than IE. Doing a bit of research and you can customize Firefox and its settings way more than one could ever do in IE.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Also try different browsers.  I hop between Edge, IE 11 and Firefox.


Are you getting an error messages?  Some sites are incompatible with certain browsers, while other sites demand flash.