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Telus email issue

Just Moved In

When logging into my email via all goes well. But when I try to open an email it brings me back to the login page. I tried it on different devices but same problem. This happens no matter what I click on while I click on while logged into my account. Any solutions? Thanks



I had been using Telus webmail in the past, and had encountered numerous problems over a period of time.  My webmail had even been hacked.

I now use and have had zero problems with that.  You may wish to give gmail a try.

Good luck!


Google tracks me in enough places, don't need them in my email as well.

lol, true.  However we are all being tracked these days, by someone or something.  If it's a choice between having working email or being tracked, I'd take the working email.  I've got my gmail working with Outlook on an iPad, Mac and iPhone - All is good.

Once again, best of luck to you.



Me to, this frequently happens to me but today is worse than ever. Wish they would fix this - I am tired of having to log in again - once should be enough. It doesn't remember login info even if you ask it to and frequently when it isn't logging you out then I get some client error message and have to refresh the screen to read the message it opened. All this happens on work computer, home computer and ipad so Telus don't tell me it is a problem with my equipment - this all started happening after one of your so called "upgrades".