Telus 'Tech Support Plus'


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Users will probably ask about this service at some point,  some quick details.

If your computer can't get online, the service will have to be initially done talking on the phone.




For those that can't find a person to give them free in-house help.


Maybe get frustrated at the regular Telus call support whose answers range from, turn it off and on, to, my screen only deals with the basics of the service itself and not your questionable computer stability.


Doesn't have the technical knowledge on how to give detailed questions and get help on forums.


Gets tired of lugging their computer to the local computer shop.


Keeps getting infected or random tool-bars, by not practicing safe internet.


And like to spend money on a monthly subscription '$10 - $15 a month' (or fee for one time fix at $60 or $120) for remote 'tech support', Telus has their Tech Support Plus up and running.

Tech Support Plus is a premium paid service that goes above and beyond to tackle a range of more complex fixes, upgrades, advanced settings and security. Simply chat or call and our experts can access your computer, tablet or even smartphone remotely to fix all your problems.



$15  ($10 with 3 Telus services): Unlimited expert phone or chat support for up to 3 PCs, and all of your tablets, smartphones and peripherals.

Service available to Telus internet customers



Terms of service:

If Telus Tech support can't fix your problem or wrecks your computer device(data loss or now needing to reinstall the operating system), they assume no responsibility. 

 Backing up your data before a major(virus/hijacker removal) remote session is important, but due to limitations on your upload speed and data caps, you should get some type of portable harddrive to backup your data on. Remember that a virus may/will get backed up as well and the need to filter the virus out on reinstall.

....Why is remote tech support so popular? Because the technical expert on the other end of the line can often find and fix the problem you're experiencing a lot faster than explaining what to do (e.g., "Ok, now click Start, and then type 'cmd' in the search window, etc."). Walking you through the step could take a long time – especially if you're not exactly tech-savvy – therefore adding even more stress to an already frustrating issue you're having.

At the end of the remote session you will see the technician log off and your computer will return back under your control.

If you're overly concerned about privacy or security -- especially as it pertains to computers used for work -- you can choose not to engage in a remote support session.


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Community Power User

Unless Telus has radically and extremely improved their training standards and minimum knowledge standards, beware of this service.

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Hi Nighthawk


I don't understand your comments to "beware of this service".


Many companies throughout North America have an option for technical assistance or premium support that falls outside the scope of the company. For example, Rogers has Rogers TechXpert, yet no one is worried or scared of their service, in fact many people take advantage of it.


In fact Telus Tech Support Plus can help customers with just some of the following situations, which shows you get a ton of value for what you pay:


  • Locating and removing viruses and installing / configuring anti-virus software
  • Stopping pop-ups, removing adware / spyware and installing / configuring anti-spyware software
  • Installing home networks (including wireless networks) and ensuring network security
  • Fixing email and software problems
  • Fixing printer, scanner, digital camera and other peripheral problems
  • Increasing computer performance; PC tune-ups
  • Performing standard maintenance, plus installing updates and patches
  • Installing and configuring new software and peripheral hardware, plus providing user training
  • Assisting in data back-up processes
  • Fixing error messages, frozen screens and much more!

It's convienent, economical, and safe for everyone to use this service.


The only changes that Telus does is to improve the customer experience.

For more info or to chat with one of our support reps please visit us at:
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I can't speak to Rogers but the quality of training at Telus has been questionable for some time including for Telus supported things. I've found the newer reps and some from Telus International to be very friendly and seem to genuinely want to help but, I can tell the reps were not trained as well as they should have been for identifying the problem and fixing it. Last time I called in for a connection issue (no connection), I got someone that tried their best but efter 40 minutes transferred me to a department named Solutions. Bear in mind this is after the troubleshooting steps from the script were done 3 times. The cause of the problem was identified quickly and from Solutions' explanation I easily understood the problem and what it would take to fix.

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Lol you must be a telus tech support guy thats exactly what they say "i dont understand your comment" this person said"beware of this service" why is that so hard to understand he gave you a logical reason 😕 Its strange its like talking to an odimated machine at times the tech support is not well rounded and its almost impossible to find the right person for what your looking for, If only they had different tech departments with a wider verity of skills, i have bin disconnected on several occasions and the worst part is they dont even call you back lol you must call back and start off at square one with someone new because they have taken another call, after several times experiencing this you start to really get frustrated and start to question the integrity and qualification of this service, i dread having to call at times, especially now when i hear a tech representative say "i dont understant your comment" the truth i think is there under staffed and 70% of the time under qualified or at least un diversified. Having said all this many of them are very nice people and very good at what they do i just think the structure needs a re think and please dont ask what my tech problem was i already feel disliked by some staff and dont want my pc to die the next time i let your staff in :/. **bleep** i hate to be a downer and sry to many  who where actually very very helpful.