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Telus Outage?

Our modem isn't connecting to the internet is there an outage currently? In Skyview, Calgary, Ab

Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you restarted your router? Unplug and plug it in.


Next step would be to contact Telus, as no wide scale outage has been reported.

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I just talked to Telus chat support, there is an area wide outage at the moment affecting NE Calgary



Thank you. Any idea where it will be fixed?

I wait for 1 hour on the phone to chat with the Tec, they told me it’s a citywide outages, don’t know the time frame when will be able to fix it

If it is the same area as what I am thinking, I was told 3 O'Clock

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Hey I live in skyiew as well just got off the phone with them, after waiting for an hour it's nothing with you it's their end. Network outage in this area.

Thanks you for the update! Here's hoping it gets fixed soon