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Telus Fiber ONT Etherchanneling

Just Moved In

Do you know if the Telus Fiber ONT supports 802.1q and/or Etherchannel trunking?

What I have is a border firewall and I'd like to dedicate my second Telus IP for outbound latency sensitive traffic like gaming and video.


Attached is what I'm trying to do.




DexterUntitled Diagram.png



Only one port on the ONT is enabled IIRC

His question, nor does his diagram refer to using 2 ports. If you understood port trunking in networking you wouldn't have mentioned that comment. Dexter I dont know if the nokia ont supports layer3 networking. I suspect not, and calling telus in regards to this I highly doubt anyone will know or even better help/give the necessary info if it were possible.

Yes. I'm aware of port trunking.


Was a bit sleepy there and assumed he was referring to a dual port LACP setup.