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Telus Boost expansion packs

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Hello, I currently have a telus boost starter pack and one expansion pack. I need two more expansion packs. My question is can I just add another starter pack, the devices all seem to be the same or do I have to buy two more expansion packs?


Thanks in advance.



Community Power User
Community Power User

As far as I know, the devices are the same, however Telus may choose to sell only one starter pack to an account.


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The starter pack is just a discounted package of the same hardware as the expansion pack. You can only get the discount once according to this page:

TELUS Boost Wi-Fi
Starter Pack
Limit of one Starter Pack per account. Covers up to 2000 square feet. 4 Requires TELUS Internet. For extra coverage, get the expansion pack. 30 day money back guarantee.5


You should be able to go in to any Telus store and purchase a starter pack for $120. They will even sell them to non-Telus customers for that price as far as I know. Call ahead and see if they will. If you tell them you aren't a customer it might work. They might sell you a starter pack even if you do tell them you're a customer. It depends on what they can see for your account info in-store but its worth a shot.