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Just Moved In
I have a question, can a company that is supposed to be so big, and continuously state that our time is valuable as a customer, when we are on hold, and apologize for it,....but when it comes to actual service, you are not even given the respect of a return phone call stating issues, after the phone call stating that they are on their way to your home? So after an hour and nothing, i called the technician, no answer, left a message, no response, another hour goes by, i call Telus and after waiting more than a half hour for a return call to find out what is going on, then being told the person who lived here before, there is an issue with their account? What does that have to do with me? This apartment was vacant for at least the month of June and July, I moved in August 1st, made the appointment for August 7, no appointments that date, now I have to wait until August 20!!! The lack of respect is appalling!!!!

Just Moved In

We have been having issues with Telus trying to "fix" our issues since March.  I think it's time to switch service providers. Good luck with getting anything resolved with Telus.

The customer service Telus provides is a total joke. The people on the other end of the line are extremely arrogant, rude and not helpful. This has also been an issue for me, booking appointments for a technician to come out, they give you a 6-hour window (any time between 12 and 6 they might show up) and then they reschedule your appointment with no courtesy of telling you about it. You are expected to take a day off of work and wait for their technician that never shows. So are they going to pay for the lost wages for the day? Yea right!