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Service agreement terms for PureFibre


Telus has finally reached my house with fibre, and made me an offer for PureFibre 300/300 service + Optik TV. I've been waiting for this, but a few things have made me think twice about jumping on the offer, such as questions about how the install is going to work for my house (ONT vs. SFP and the fibre/ethernet cable route in the house), and concerns about actual performance raised by current users - and now Shaw has boosted their internet speed to 300/15 at no extra cost. I'm still considering the switch, but concerned about the 2-year commitment if it doesn't work out, although I realize that Telus really wants that 2-year commitment to justify the cost of fibre installation.


I'm trying to get answers separately about the installation details, but I have two questions about the service agreement:


1. In the past Telus has said that the cancellation penalty for a service agreement is $15/remaining month for Optik TV, $0 for internet. Is that still true?


2. If Telus offers an up-front cash bonus to switch from Shaw, and that gets applied to the first few months of billing, is that clawed back in some way if the service agreement is canceled early? (i.e., like the "free gifts" are)


I've never kept a service for less than 2 years before, but there's always a first time.



Shaw cancellation fee is 20$  for each remaining month on term in that regard TELUS is the best  to deal with. When you have Just internet from TELUS its 10$ for each month remaining. I was canceling recently wit TELUS (about 8 monyths ago but they did waved fees since they had 0 infrastructure in a new community. Now they do have PureFibre and I am switching back they even keep their promise. I took 4K TV and 500 their loyalty credit on the account winch covers Shaw cancellation fee and a few free months. I was actually surprised that guys keep it on record and still honored even 8 months after. Shaw was for the last 8 months nothing but nightmare:
A) Consistent  monthly cut offs of the service fat least once a month (sometimes even more) and that's in a new area.
B) While recent double down is good my modem has chipset problem and even their new XB6 has same problrm  (it made things worse in terms of service as speeds got too unstable.

To be honest they should have rolled out new modem before doubling streams and if you know how RG6 communications d o work. Thats doubling has nothing to do with being nice. Its done on their side to rvive infrastructure  before it crashes. Once in a while cable infrastructure needs stimulus increase to keep alive network. Because Shaw tends to over utilize and over subscribe its infrastructure unlike Telus. I run stream mesurment for the last 24 hours since upgrafde wnet live and got average of 205.


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 18.30.47.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 16.03.28.png