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Recording freezing - channel specific


One channel that I record freezes at about the 40 minute mark.  If I play or fast forward from the freezing mark the image stays the same on the screen.  I've had a tech in who checked the back end and I'm told everything is as it should be.  I tried adding 30 minutes to the end of the recording time and that, not surprisingly, did not help.  


Community Power User
Community Power User
Can you be more specific on the channel? Does it freeze every time you record it? I’ve only experienced this one time and it never replicated itself in my situation. Could have been the source but not sure.

hmph.....I just determined that it is NOT channel specific.  Two channels so far.  SLICE and CBS.

Community Power User
Community Power User
I’ll do some recordings on those tonight and see what happens. I would be more leaning to a hardware issue. What PVR do you currently have?

MODEM - T3200M

BOX - IPV6016

BOX - ISB7105

It sounds like the start of a hardware issue. One of two issues are common enough to figure out.  Does the box get very warm when recording?  Heat can cause a number of components to fail, freeze, or stutter due to exceeding the thermal limits of the hardware.  Hard drive failure is a little more complicated depending on how the drive is starting to fail.  The occasional write fail can be from a number of different reasons but it also might be fixable.  Have you tried formatting the drive through the PVR's settings?  If the issue persists after you have formatted the drive, it is more than likely that the drive is slowly failing.  It will only get worse the more you use it until the drive fails.  

I haven't noticed heat.

I haven't tried formatting the drive through the PVR settings.  The technician that was here may have.  


It happens on all the boxes so believe its the modem T3200M.


Technician is coming today.......again.