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Questions about Internet & phone services

Just Moved In

Hi everyone,


I currently use Shaw but am thinking of switching my Internet & phone services to Telus. I have a few questions and would appreciate any answers I can get.


1. Do I need to cancel my Shaw services or does Telus do that for me if I choose them?

2. What kind of setup is required to set up the Internet and phone services? Does it require a technician to visit my home? What equipment is provided?

3. If I choose the Home Phone Lite service with call display, can I record voice messages if I use an answering machine? Or do I need to have the voice mail feature to do this?


Thank you.


Community Power User
Community Power User
  1. When you port your current home phone number from Shaw, it will close your phone service. You will need to cancel your Shaw Internet separately.
  2. The Telus technician will install all necessary wiring and equipment to connect your computer and wireless devices. Additional device connections are your responsibility.
  3. Yes, you can add an answering device of your choosing to your home phone.
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When I moved from Shaw  to Telus, the cancellation of all three services was handled by Telus. The only contact I had with Shaw is after Telus contacted them and they tried to convince me to stay, and I told them  too little too late.






Community Power User
Community Power User

My experience was different. Shaw would only cancel my internet and TV, when I moved to Telus, if I called Shaw to do it. That should be the normal experience if the Shaw representative is following privacy rules, laws and regulations. Cancelling phone service would be different due to the process of porting a number to a new provider.

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It was two years ago when I switched, perhaps things have changed since.

Telus can still cancel all services on a new customer's behalf. The customer must provide them with their billing info complete with account number, billing address, and exact spelling of the account holder on the bill. Once the Telus technician completes the install it flags the order for the winback team to engage Shaw and cancel all services on their behalf. Shaw can do the same for Telus customers switching over to them. It's an industry standard process and is a no-hassle way to cancel for the customer as long as all the rules are followed. It's a strict process governed by the CRTC.