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Question regarding cancellation of home internet.

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I called in this afternoon to cancel my home internet (month to month, no contract) and everything seemed to go smoothly. Hour or so after ending the call I have not received any confirmation via email the call took place or that any changes to my account have been made (which has been the norm any other time I've called in). Additionally, the rep I spoke to said I can just go to Canada Post, mention I'm returning equipment to Telus and I'll be provided a prepaid shipping label? Is there a way to confirm the cancellation has acknowledged? Thank you for your time. 


Contact TELUS on Chat service. Are you expecting the email confirmation on your email address? If so you won't be getting it since you cancelled your Internet service so you no longer have an email account with TELUS.

Thank you for your reply. I was expecting some sort of email confirmation to my personal email (I have never used the provided telus email) as that has been the case any other time I have made changes to my account. 

In that case you should get an email eventually. Have you logged on to My TELUS (web or app) and checked?