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PureFibre in Douglasdale, Calgary AB

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So I've been told multiple times to post on a Telus forum to try and get PureFibre in my neighborhood. I don't know if this is the right place to do it, but here it is. Right now my family is paying for 25 Mbps, but I tested the internet speed, and right now it's at a download speed of 1.2 Mbps, consistently. On a hard wired connection. No, Telus servers aren't down, and yes, I reset my router. I feel like realistically our only is to switch to Shaw at this point. 300 Mbps sounds a lot better than 1.2. I really hope there's people out there who want PureFibre here as well.

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Community Power User

If your service is rated for 25 Mbps, and you are seeing only 1.2, you should contact Telus to see about getting it repaired. 


From previous posts, Calgary seems to be challenging for Telus to install infrastructure. Many other cities are receiving upgrades, and at a faster pace.


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Definitely contact Telus support to see why your speeds are so low. You should always be getting 100% if not more than what you pay for on a hard wired connection straight to the modem so you have a problem that needs to be fixed.


As to getting Fibre, Calgary has provided numerous obstacles for Fibre expansion as outline in other threads on the board. The best thing you can do for now is fill out this form at and contact your local city councilor and tell them you want Telus Fibre. The mayor and city council have had an impact on the Fibre rollout in Calgary so the more pressure residents can put on them the better.