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PureFiber: Self Install of Fiber Cable Possible in Owned Condo?

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FOR THE FIBER INSTALL TEAM: Installing Own Fiber Cable to the FiberBox


Hello; I live in a Self Run Strata Building in Downtown Vancouver.

From my understanding, Telus has installed FTTP (installed a Fiber Box in the Communication room in the building). A technician then came by and made a report/plan to connect the 22 units in the building to the fiber box. This was sent to TelusHQ and got rejected? And then I haven't heard of any news after that. This was a while ago (8 months ago?) I am unsure if any new plans have been set up to install Fiber to the units.


However, my question is. I live directly above the Communication Room where the fiber box is located. Is it allowed if I install my own Fiber to my unit (its only about 3m-5m of cable to get there, and easy to fish along the telephone wire into my unit, which goes straight into the communication room). If I complete this, would a Telus Fiber Technication be able to connect my unit to the Fiber Box (connect the open end of the cable to the box, and connect whatever needs to be done in my Unit?) Even though the other 21 units don't have fiber to their units yet?

I'm pretty sure it's been almost a year since the Fiber was brought into the building (and over 8 months since the technician's draft was "rejected" by TelusHQ). And since my unit is less than 5m away from the communication room. It would be nice to just get Fiber installed in my unit (running a single cable be less than a 10min job). I know this, because about 10 years ago, telus ran a new telephone wire from my unit to the communication room, when my intercom would cut the internet back in the day, since all the current Phone Wires in the wall were in use. I assume a single fibre cable be a very similar 10min job.


Thanks, let me know if there is anything I can do!





The address would not be flagged as GPON ready in the billing systems so agents would be unable to issue a provide order for your suite until the building is flagged as ready. The fibre that was brought in downstairs may also not be "lit up" as it's not spliced in or connected outside if the build was put on hold.


Was anyone from your building talking to a Telus representative prior to the Fibre being brought in to the electrical room? It would be best to go through those channels to see why the address was not completed and what the ETA would be for lighting it up.

Ah thanks for your response. Yea Telus was setting up all the old apartments on Harwood St with Fiber to the Building. They worked with Strata to put the wire in. I know some of the older apartments on the block started getting Fiber 3months after they did this (I see this online putting the address in and they saying it's available... like this 1970 building directly across from us). If I put my address in, it just says "CheckMark: Fibre is coming to your area".


About 3 months after I saw a Telus Technician outside trying to contact a Strata Member to talk about connecting the units. I pointed them to the right person (it's a self-run Strata of owners). And about 7 months later, I emailed our Self-Run Strata who said they worked with that technician, came up with a plan, but the plan was rejected by TelusHQ (maybe too much money?). And I believe it didn't go any further.


I assume the System can flag my apartment unit in the building as operational, even though the other 21 units aren't. So when searching, with my # it says "available" and the rest say "soon". I.e. they flag addresses as available, not as "entire buildings".