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Pure Fibre trunk being run in front of our house but we have been told we will not get the service?

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We were contacted in the fall about getting fibre out to our house in Turner Valley. We on a small acreage within town limits and now we along with 5 other acreages in the area are being told that there will be no fibre drops to our house even though they are running a main line along the road in front of all of our houses.


This seems very short sighted on their part. I realize that drops to our houses may be more difficult or slightly more expensive but they are clearly running a line with fibre along the road in case at some point in the future our acreages become a subdivision.


Of all the people in town the 5 houses here have the worst telus internet (telus 6 if were lucky) and no access to other options. As an IT professional having this service would be a significant upgrade for myself and for my family.


The installers have told us to contact Telus but have provided us with no method to do so, so I am reaching out here in case someone knows who the right people are to talk to about the situation.


Community Power User
Community Power User

There are many places where in BC and Alberta where the main fibre passes properties, and Telus does not offer connectivity. Being in the IT business, you are aware it is not as simple as putting drops in at each dwelling; there are other infrastructure costs. You can check plans for the Turner Valley build here, and, if I recall, if the search interface does not return a Fibre connection option, there is an ability to indicate your interest.

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