Pure Fibre connection customer service issues


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We have been extremely frustrated in dealing with Telus around Pure Fibre and I do not know where to go as anyone we have made a complaint to either brushes it off or says there isn't a supervisor we can speak with. Even the formal complaint process garnered a response that it was nothing they could do. Here is the story:

In our area all we have been able to have is internet 25. We were told once a faster internet was available such as 50, we would get it. 2 and a half years later, we still have internet 25. In February of 2017, we were told that Pure Fibre was now available in our neighbourhood. All we had to do was give permission for them to hook it up to the house. We gave written permission to do so in february. By May of 2017, no one had connected to our house, yet a few new neighbours that moved into the neighbourhood had theirs connected. We called Telus to ask why we haven't received it and they said that everything on Telus' end was complete and it was in the contractors hands now. They said they would connect with the contractors to prioritize our home. We touched base again in June and were given the same response. Towards the end of July, another new person moved into the neighbourhood and got connected right away. Our next door neighbour told us they have Pure Fibre.

So we call to find out what's going on. We were given various different numbers to call and people to talk to. All kept saying the same thing, nothing Telus can do about it. This frustrated me as if Telus is hiring contractors to connect to homes, they should have the ability to put pressure on the contractor so they don't lose business. I made a formal complaint via email and the response I got was dismissive, generic and frankly insulting. Basically Telus doesn't connect the line to the house, sorry bye.

I contacted support via Twitter. At least they tried to help me a bit. The complaints on the phone weren't great. My dad threatened to go over to shaw and was told "do what you have to do". I just don't understand... we are trying to give Telus more money and they won't give us the contractor contact info and won't put pressure on them to come to our house. My dad got so upset when he called last week that they ended up giving us a discount on our current services which is nice but not what we are seeking. Discounted internet 25 is still internet 25. But I will give credit, at least the guy on the phone genuinely tried to help and tried to make us somewhat happy, no one else previously offered something like this.

As fate would have it, on Monday, the contractor showed up at my sister's house and set up an August 15th date to connect to her house. The best part.... wait for it... she didn't even phone or request Pure Fibre. She had very little interest in it and they came to her door and are setting it up.

It's not like we live out in the boonies. We live in a large residential area over by the college in Vernon. We just cannot understand why we can't get a straight answer or why, when people are making this much noise, Telus can't just direct a contractor to do our house.

We have made the decision to move over to shaw in 1 week if we aren't given some type of answer as to when they will connect to our house. We will give up our discount and pay the penalty to get out of our Telus contract which doesn't expire until the Winter.

I am having the same problem. We are back in Vernon (BC) after a year abroad. We rented our house and the people who were before used Telus so we decided to stick with the account. Before  we used to be Shaw customers for almost 9 years and we never had too many issues. Now is a daily event. No TV access mostly. Calling for help is useless. I am seriously thinking about going back to Shaw...or start reading more 😊....