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Port Forwarding on T2200H


I have read so many posts pertaining to Telus Port Forwarding, with contradicting information. Some state Telus blocks all ports on a Non Static IP plan, others state Telus blocks specific Ports (21, 80, etc). To the point...


I have been trying for a few days to forward some uncommon ports to facilitate remote access to security system, RDP, and my XBOX. I have tried port forwarding direct from the T2200H...Fail. I bridged port 1 to a secondary router running DD-WRT and tried again (Failed).


I initiated an external port scan via an online service and 100% of my ports came back as closed, even though NETSTAT shows many ports open.


I am not a Network Pro...but have over 25 years in IT and IT / Cyber Security. I am 95% confident it's not something I screwed up...but I could be wrong.


Has anyone had any luck forwarding ports using a Non Business / Non Static IP plan?