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Parental Controls on Actiontec t1200 modem

Just Moved In
Is anyone else having issues with the website blocking feature?
After speaking with " Tech support plus" they explained that the Actiontech t1200 and t1000 have a long term unresolved firmware issue that doesn't allow parental controls to work.
After logging into the GUI dashboard - Advanced setting - Website Blocking - any website you enter and save can still be accessed by all devices in your home.

The regular tech support team doesn't even know this is a problem, I've talked to so many agents and finally only the "Tech Support Plus" rep clarified the issue. (This specialized team also bills you to talk to them)
It's really awful that so many tech support agents don't even know about this, it's even worse that so many customers don't even know that the feature doesn't work!


i've experienced the same issue. the website blocking blocks nothing! as well, the time restrictions weren't working for me either. i could put in time restrictions but it would not block youtube! it seems to work with internet explorer but we use firefox and it doesn't work with firefox. so what is the point? i recently got a different modem which has parental controls so trying that out but still having some issues with blocking. we'll see how it goes over the next few days. i had a tech guy and we spent a couple hours troubleshooting. all seemed good. then all of a sudden, right after i input a child restriction, i lost ALL internet. so then, spent another 1.5 hours on the phone troubleshooting. still not fully resolved. very frustrating trying to keep one step ahead of your tech savvy kids and telus seems to be one step behind them!

Community Power User
Community Power User

It is very likely that you will never be one step ahead of a tech savvy kid. You might have to resort to old tech to gain compliance.

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