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Outage in Empress AB on Weather Network and not on this site


The weather network is broadcasting emergency alerts about home phone service being out in Empress, AB.  I see absolutely no mention of it here, so the claim of "real time" outage information obviously does not apply.


Could someone (from Telus) please explain why this site says "new - real time outage information" when it obviously isn't?


I realize it is mostly customers here, but the moderators should be able to (please) pass on the question and get this fixed.


Community Power User
Community Power User
  1. There is likely an outage somewhere at any time of the day. Posting all outages has limited utility when outages cover a small area.
  2. The Neighbourhood posting of the issues is likely done to reduce calls to support asking about large scale outages
  3. The fewer than 58 home phone subscribers probably figured it out themselves by speaking to neighbors.
  4. The Weather Network reporting likely covers a localized area, covering those most affected, much like other emergency, or weather notification alerts. 


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The repair people are likely well aware of the issue which is why the notice went out. With the size of the storms that blew through the province, it's possible there was damage from one of the storms which knocked out service. Or it could have been something as minor as a car hitting a pole and taking out the lines. Anyone in the area with a cell phone would already aware of the outage. Are you in the Empress area as well? Did you not receive the emergency alert on your cell?


Original alert:

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I am not near Empress and heard it repeatedly on the Weather Network.


If they are going to have outage alerts on the web page, it should be tied to their ticketing system and automatically post.  Kind of useless if it is selective...