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Outage -- Service Status ?! Empty


So I don't know what is suppose to be under Service Status as it is New!


In the mean time the lower mainland has outages and not much info on it.

Internet was not working for a few hours and the tv had one channel (Global news) that was working. What makes me angry is that the PVR wasn't working. Doesn't matter how many recording I have. No service means no internet, no tv, no movie.

I don't know when it's started but I noticed before 6pm and it's almost 10pm now, and all seem to work.



Tv also just restarted as I was watching. No update just restart.


This brings me to another bug. After a restart the volume will be at 100% and not adjustable. 0 is nothing 1 is full.

More restarts and volume comes back.

This is the 4K PVR.