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Order fail

Just Moved In
Hi. I ordered the internet package including the optik TV. The agent said it will take a week for them to finish the items for shipping. It's beem a **bleep** MONTH now. Still no call, no updates.Pls reply

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member
Hi @ivanpelina, sorry to hear it's taken so long. Have you tried calling back in at 1-888-811-2323 to find out the status of your order?


Welcome to Telus. You will be surprised when you call the  support number  and are then put on hold for 3 hours to talk to someone . (with no callback option). It's been like that for years and Telus management couldn't care less about it.  They are too busy building condo towers.

Kimi, stop being a troll. Every post you make is extremely similar. Three years ago you said you were cancelling all your services yet you still grace the forums with your presence. Either you grossly exagerate in your posts and you still have service with Telus and the issues are nowhere near as significant as you state, or you did cancel services and are just coming back purely to troll. 


Also what is it with you and condo towers? This isn't the first time you've posted that.