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Optik tv remote app problem.

Just Moved In
I tried using my Telus optic TV remote app on my phone and it won’t load any content for the guide. All I get is a message that says “there is a problem loading the channels do you want to retry” and no matter how many times I click it it just keeps coming up with the can’t load the channels message. Does anyone have suggestions on what to try to fix this?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Smart Remote app has been discontinued  as of June 26, 2018. You can read more in a thread here.


It has been replaced with the  iOS  and Android app, less the remote control function.


And the new app we are forced to use is very slow to load and is not nearly as user friendly when trying to peruse through the TV guide.  There is no option to jump to a day/time like there was in the old much superior app.  This is a backward step from TELUS in my view.