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OVER CHARGED monthly billing

Just Moved In

Hi Teillus Support, 


I have been using Tellus Internet, PureFibre Gigabit Unlimited, 2 years contract, and the payment is $110 / month


Around Dec 10 - Dec 14 2022, I made an appointment for moving the router from ground floor to the basement ( in the same address). 


The first technician had came and took a quick investigation, then he left with a notice that he will need to order the new fiber cable. I asked him if there is any extra payment for the new cable and he said no. 


one week later, another technician came and tried to finished the setup with the following steps:

- Cutting the being used cable

- replacing with the new cable

- reactivate my router.


Tonight, I checked the billing for Dec 2022. and it showed that I have to pay more than $400 after tax for: 

- PureFiber Gigabit (included data 1000GB) $135 (I dont know when and how it was added )

- partial charges: ~ $82 (which noted the service : "ADDING fiber cable", but it was actually a replacement)

- PureFiber Gigabit unlimited data $110 (2 years plan, started since Jan 2022 and I have been using this). 


The question is: 

- Why this situation happens? 

- Why did Tellus charge me for the services that I have not used? 

- IF you need me to change the Internet plan when you replaced the cable, you should let me know about that BEFORE process the service. and the current plan (until the replacement time) should be cancled, right? 


I am looking for hearing back from you!!!




You need to call in. You might have to call several times and escalate one or two levels. I have had serious billing issues even after having a manager handle it. It's not pleasant trying to contact TELUS and even less unpleasant to try and get someone who understands AND has the authority and capability to rectify an issue. Trust me, it takes a lot of work. It has to be by design or possible just what happens when the bureaucracy gets too big. The amount of money that they could save by implementing a one-call resolution would be immense but I guess it is far easier to just increase rates and implement fees.

you are right, I had to call 2 times for completely resolve the issue. Fortunately that  the issue is resolved, but I am unconfortable when spending time for calling twice for the issue, which not because of my fault.