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Not Receiving Full Speeds on Internet 75


I recently had my modem upgraded and finally had bonded copper installed. After running a couple of speed tests to my delight I was getting 68.30mbps download and 20.38mbps upload with 4 ms ping on hard wired connection. On 5g I get 68.09down and 20.42up on 19ms ping, and on 2.4g I get 35.23down and 20.47up on 5ms ping. My question is 1.) What is stopping my connection from getting full 75mbps (not that I'm complaining! Happy to finally get close to the speed i pay for!)  2.) Does the 5g connection always have a higher ping ? 3.) And is it common for the 2.4g connection to be half the speed of the plan? Thanks any tips would help!


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Community Power User

Firstly, I suggest repeating your tests to get some averages, but here are a few comments:


Your pings should be fairly close to one another

5G is considerably faster than 2.4G, and is more sensitive to distance. At 20 feet from the router 5G may not work very well, and your device will switch to 2.4G. However with a 75 Mbps connection, you should be seeing comparable speeds on both 5G and 2.4G is you are sufficiently close to the router, and your devices have properly connected to the router.


You can look in the Admin pages of your router at the speeds of each of the portions of your bonded pair to see how fast each is delivering. Please share here, and we can comment.


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My laptop is connected to 5G about 3 feet away, I still get 20 ping for some reason and 2.4g gives me half of the speed every time I do a test (3 ft away aswell)

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Community Power User

If you're getting nearly full speed on 5Ghz and hardwired, there is something interfering with your 2.4GHz wifi.


Where are you testing your speeds?

How many 2.4GHz devices are affected?

Do you have a lot of other wireless networks showing on your devices? The more you see, the more possibility of interference. 

What do your wireless settings look like for 2.4GHz? Here are mine:





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I'm running my tests using on my laptop and the app on my Galaxy S8, shockingly today on both my laptop and phone the connection on 5Ghz dropped down to 18.64down, 15.37up, 22ms ping (laptop) and 34.5down, 18.8up,17ms ping (phone). On hardwired connection I still get close to 75mbps so no problem here, I have not tested other devices as of yet, and since I live in an apartment my devices pick up a lot of different networks available.


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Download the network analyzer app for android. Inspect what channels other wifi signals are on. Select a different channel then others are using and run a test again.


Also speed test is hit and miss when it auto selects servers. You can have widely different results connecting to another server. Choose TELUS or TELUS mobility and log your results only using them.