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No audio for Netflix using TOSLINK

Friendly Neighbour

So here is a strange situation.  I have two optik TV boxes.  One is a VIP5662W and the other one is a UIW4001.  I am trying to connect an RCA soundbar using the TOSLINK.  I have the sound option set to Stereo.  I get audio for all the Optik channels for the TV.  What I don't get is audio for Netflix.  Both settop boxes have been rebooted.  Both settop boxes are doing the exact same thing. Dolby stereo option has been tried but that makes matters worse, in the fact that I get no audio at all, so I must use Stereo.  


I tried calling Telus but they don't show any issues or troubles in there guides and pretty much told me it was a netflix issue.  Not sure how that could be as I am using the Netflix app on channel 422.  My HDMI connection works fine on my upstairs amp.  Only the TOSLINK has an issue.


Anyone else run into this issue? Please don't tell me to use the HDMI connection as I don't have that option in this configuration, plus I cannot see why the TOSLINK has audio for all other channels except Netflix.  Looks like a software bug to me.


Community Power User
Community Power User

While I don't have a solution, just remember part of the difference may be that Netflix channel 422 is not a channel in the sense that CBC channel 100 is. The Netflix channel is an App, rather than a stream. This MAY be why it works on one, but not the other. Does the Weather Network App channel do the same?

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Community Power User
I Toslink from TV to sound bar and have tv speakers off. Don’t have an issue on my bose system.

Just to have sound from Netflix not just regular TV channels.

I have sound on Netflix using the TV toslink connector (output) to the Bose speakers toslink (input). Have zero issues with sound on all 5 HDMI sources. Optik, Nvidia Shield, Roku Ultra, PC and Apple TV.

The TV TOSLINK? or the optik set top TOSLINK? Also could you confirm what settop boxes you are using. Are they the same as mine? Thanks for replying.

The tv acts like a switch all the audio via HDMI sources is going through the TV Output TOSLINK. I do not use the Toslink on the optik receiver or any other device.

There is no need to using the TV Toslink (output). As any input you switch to will have sound running to the sound bar. Boxes are irrelevant and I use the VIP5662W.

Ahhh. You see the only option that I have in my configuration is to use the toslink on the optik settop box directly to the sound bar. I strongly believe there is a bug in the firmware that prevents the audio from the Netflix app on channel 422 to be output to the toslink on the settop box.

I will test from the optik receiver and my Bose system and will report back this evening.

I was wondering if you had a chance to check this issue out on your system and if so what the results were


Did you ever get a chance to test that configuration out?

Have you tried changing the audio settings within the Netflix app?  Perhaps the Netflix app is outputting something your soundbar doesn't support.  

Friendly Neighbour
Thanks very much for your reply. It worked. Never even new there was individual audio options in the app.

The app has to be compatible with so many devices, they put that in there just to make sure it can be as compatible as possible with everything.  Happy Netflix watching!