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No Promised Fiber Yet - thinking of leaving TELUS after nearly 40 years.


Over Two years ago I was promised by a local TELUS manager that Pure Fibre would be in our town of Redcliff, Alberta within 18 months. As of today there is no sight of it. Local TELUS employees seem to think that it is years away if ever, and so were left with a super sad 15Meg Adsl offering as our only Internet option. Clearly this is pathetic, and unacceptable. Meanwhile Shaw is offering today 300Meg Cable Internet Service. TELUS is so far behind the times in this area it is sad and embarrassing. And I cannot seem to get any straight answer from the company as to when Pure Fiber will arrive here which is even worse. I am well aware these plans are made years in advance so someone should be able to tell me exactly when this ridiculous lack of service will be improved in this area.


If I can't get any answer I guess I will have little choice but to abandon TELUS forever. I do not want to change but it seems I am being forced.



I am sure a lot of people here understand your situation/frustration.  However, promising fibre to any place is way above the Telus Manager.  You have to decide if you like to wait or get 300 service from Shaw now. 

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Unless you have a large number of users online at the same time, you'll find 300 Mbps is nowhere near the 20 x speed of your current connection you expect. Most locations you will connect with cannot even fill 100Mbps connections.


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Fortunately I am well aware of the speed I need, and it's not the 300 mps or 100 mbs or 50 mbs that is the issue. The issue is the maximum 2.3 mbs I get on upload. That is both sad and pathetic and also shameful. And that is with two bounded loops which give me 25mbs down service. The best they give you on upload is 2.5 mbs and that is despite the fact the loop can do way better, they ADSL profile is capped at that which pisses me off to no end.


40 years I have been with TELUS. Sad the state of service in smaller centers. CRTC requires 50down10up by 2021, we are very long way from that.

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@allknowingeye wrote:

CRTC requires 50down10up by 2021, we are very long way from that.

Actually, it’s only an objective, not a requirement, and in Redcliff, it’s already been met.

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These documents are written with so much spin they're useless for public information. I know this because I used to write gov documents. They're not meant for the general public to understand.


I'm hearing a lot of complaints recently from family and friends about poor Telus service. My son just cancelled everything Telus and went with Rogers and back to Shaw, not just because of poor Telus service, but because he's treated better by Rogers and Shaw than by Telus. This is a real issue for Telus. Telus has always been the "arrogant" telecom of the big three, and that's only getting worse. I used to hear good things around about Telus, not anymore. Telus should be listening.


Why don't you get the Shaw connection for now, and if and when Telus puts fibre in, you can re-evaluate your options?  I live in a place where I was told Telus would have fibre in six months.  That was two years ago.  Then their website five months ago said it was coming to my area and asked for permission to access the property. Still nothing and no sign of anything.  


I have the Shaw 300 - and most of the time, it is 300.  It just isn't 300 today because I am writing this - but it is 233 or so...


Funny.  Telus came into our neighbourhood with a screw-you-we're-Telus attitude, told us we had no say in the matter, ripped up our street to put in Fibre that nobody wants, installed an ugly box on the boulevard, and walked away without repaving the street or replacing the sidewalks they destroyed.

Can't imagine nobody wants fibre and can't imagine why Telus wouldn't be required to put things back nicely.


I could understand it they didn't put it back nicely right after they dug, but it is as unbelievable that they left a mess as the thought that "nobody" wants fibre.   

Your post makes no sense and sounds like somebody with a chip on their shoulder.


This thread is actually about people wanting fibre and it not coming in a timely fashion.



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@jhapeng - I find that very odd. The neighborhoods I've been in where fibre was installed, and being installed, never had any damage remotely close to what you are claiming happened. Normally they drill horizontally under roadways and sidewalks to avoid damaging them as that would just be way more expensive to fix. Doesn't make sense.

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This is a heritage neighbourhood, and all the wires are on poles in the back alley, but Telus insisted on placing the box out on the street side in front of a neighbour's property and across the road from me.  They didn't consult with anyone on the street until we insisted that talk to us.  Of all the surrounding neighbours, none had been offered Fibre, none really wanted it, and most are Shaw customers.  They promised they would drill or use existing underground conduits, but minimal surface disturbance.  When the workers started the project, they basically laughed and said head office doesn't know what they're talking about and drilling was never feasible.  So we end up with maybe 100 feet of trench in a zig-zag down the street, sidewalks removed on both sides, all so they could place a box on the street and connect it to the overhead wires leading to the back alley. It's been over two weeks, and we have a gravel-filled trench in the middle of the road, and Telus says it's the city's responsibility to clean up their mess. 

Talking to what probably is a contractor on the street - if my experience is typical - is not going to get any answers.

If you talk to your local municipal government, they should be able to get it sorted. Good luck.

In our neighborhood, specifically in my crescent they laid fibre last October/November.  Early in spring they came back and sprayed the grass seeds.  Last week they came again and sprayed grass seed again in areas where the grass hadn't grown well.  Overall, they did a good job.