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New home ONT/Router question

Just Moved In
I moved into my new build and had Telus install the fibre connection. The connection comes into my basement and there are wires that lead to various rooms around the house as well in the same place. The installer placed the modem on the main floor for better WiFi coverage.

As you can imagine, I've tried plugging in the wires connecting other rooms to the ONT to no avail since all but the first port are locked out as I've discovered. So now I have no way to connect the wired ports in other rooms since the router is on the main floor, not the basement.

My question is this - do I move the router to the basement and pray it reaches the whole house (2300 sq ft) or put a switch going from the ONT, then plugging the router and other connections into that? Does anyone have experience with the strength of the Telus router? I have a roughed in WiFi extension port on the second floor I could use but I'd rather not resort to that.

Thanks for the info!

Community Power User
Community Power User
For a 2300 square foot home, the addition of TELUS Boost mesh Wi-Fi would be a benefit. I’d move the router to the wiring closet, and add Boost for your Wi-Fi.
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I just moved into a 2200 sq ft house, I initially had the router in the basement so that I could have it connect to the rest of the house.  But the coverage was abysmal.  I ended up running a second line to the room where I was going to keep the router on the main floor.  My basement is unfinished so it wasn't that difficult or expensive.  I connected the router to the ONT and then connected the router to the new line back to my basement where I have a switch that connects to the rest of the house.  


I agree with what @NFtoBC recommends. For a house that size the Boost WiFi kit is the best solution. Modem should be moved back down to the main panel so you can hard wire all your rooms and a Boost mesh wifi solution will give you great WiFi throughout the whole house if places properly.