Keeping Telus email account


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Is it possible to maintain my email account if I move to a different service provider? Am moving and landlord uses a different provider but want to keep my existing email account.
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Telus used to allow it for a monthly charge. You'd have to call in to see if they still offer that and if it's still expensive. It wasn't super common in the past.


To be honest, you may be better served with a Gmail account, or other online account, instead. I migrated to Gmail even before I switched from Shaw to Telus.

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Or, for about $10/ year, you can have a personalized email which you can keep forever. would be a fairly easy setup!

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Yes, It is still possible to keep an email only account for a $7 charge every month. You might need to give TELUS a call to let them know that you want to keep it even if you are moving to a location where Internet is already available.