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Issues PureFibre

Just Moved In
I just recently changed from Shaw to
Telus PureFibre. The first full day was today (Friday), everything seemed fine until, I started to reconnect all my devices phones, tablets tv, My Sony tv won’t connect through the wifi it just sits there and times out saying can’t connect to router, I check my phone it’s not working on my wifi, I connect back to it, it’s crazy laggy webpages aren’t loading. Load up my PlayStation that’s hard wired in to play Netflix, the loading is so bad it’s buffering 5-6 minutes at a time. I check my Speedtest on the PlayStation it’s giving me a range of 3.0 -100 Kbps, I’m on 300-300 Mbps, I cycle the power on the modem and tried it all again same issues come back slow internet, or connection times out.
I hard reset(back button) for 10 seconds.
I tried my computer that’s hard wired I get really good speeds again run up stairs try my Netflix, it’s giving me Kpbs again I cycle the power on it and it’s still giving me trash speeds what the heck is going on with this.

I have t3200m modem


Need more information on the layout of the house. Multi-storey? Single level? Is the modem located in the basement at the electrical panel or somewhere else? Is your PS4 hard wired straight in to a jack on the wall or going through a different device? It almost sounded like you had a provisioning issue but if your PC is getting full rates I'm leaning more towards bad WiFi due to modem location or bad wiring either with the terminations or unsupported router/device in between Modem and your other devices.