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Is there no hope?

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No internet signal.
No support
Lots of moderation though....go team....wouldnt want anybody to find out that crappy customer service is rampant in this industry

Community Power User
Community Power User

Need more details of your issue.. could be a plethora of things.

Always follow the steps here first.

The details:
Switched to telus internet on Friday. Internet only. After 4 months of lies from Shaw and countless hours of repeating my plight to a dozen different "customer service reps" most of the time was listening to canned music.

Made the switch. Had service for the remainder of Friday.

Saturday morning no green light on the router. Despite several reboots, WiFi is good. Tried to search for outage areas to explain the lack of service. No luck there either. Requested call back. That never happened. Waiting again this morning 3 hrs in to the "call back within the hour".....

Maybe I should just go with a straight mobile plan and ditch the residential services altogether.


Community Power User
Community Power User

The technician who installed your service should have left his card. Give him a call and report the issue.