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Is product/service loyalty a thing of the past.


Dear Telus representative,
I thought I would start off by insulting you the reader…. However, I realized that insulting someone I didn’t know would be incredibly rude.
On further thought, I realized that to insult someone I know and care for is even ruder.
By Telus’ very own department name, Customer Care/Customer Loyalty, one might believe that Telus truly cares for its customer.
If that is the case, why would it be acceptable for Telus to insult its customers, particularly customers who have been loyal since Telus was AGT. For some of the younger readers AGT, Alberta Government Telephone (not Americas Got Talent) was what became Telus.
I am such a customer having been such since the late 1980s. I remember signing three-year contracts every three years and signing two-year contracts when that was all that was available.
Was I tempted to look at other service providers? Yes. Were their offers tempting? Yes. Was I pleased with the service provided by Telus? Yes, and it was for this reason I had adopted a strong sense of loyalty.
Now I should point out that loyalty to a product or service does not develop immediately but rather over time and is based on continued good service, trust, and affinity. As long as this loyalty takes to develop such loyalty can destroyed very quickly. I say destroy, as often there is no opportunity to mend or repair this loyalty.
So where am I going with this? Well, today in an attempt to renew my contract I was informed I would be charged a $35.00 activation fee. I am not a new customer, not a customer who moves from one provider to another based on who is offering the best deal. No, I am a loyal customer of well over 25 years.
The thought of charging me an activation fee was to be quite honest an insult.

Brendan <personal info removed by mod>

Ps. I said I attempted to renew my contract but have yet to do so, and the response I receive here will likely determine my next service provider.


We are customers of telus only on this neighbourhood site. We cannot help you but someone may have advice for you.

Thank you, Polecat

You should remove your phone number by editing your previous post. As these forums are public.

We can't edit posts anymore. I have flagged it for a moderator to edit.

thank you.

What service(s) are you talking about, Optik, home phone or Internet?

Why do you need to have a contract? I haven't had a contract with Telus for many years for any of my services (wireless and home).


Telus Mobility and yes there are contracts covering service and the cost of the device.


@Brendan1764 in that case your post is in the wrong sub forum. This is the sub forum for home services.

Contracts for mobility are a different story because of the device subsidy component. I can't really comment without any details about your current contract.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The $35 fee usually applies to the purchase of a new cellphone, and covers the time the salesperson spends setting up the phone for the customer. The fee is waived if you order online, and do all the setup yourself.


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