Is my lagging audio issue a soundbar problem, TV problem, or is it an issue with using an optical ca


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I just purchased a new Vizio TV(D60-F3) and a soundbar(SB3632An-F6) and no matter how much I adjust the lip-sync feature on the TV, the sound and video will not line up when using an optical cable. When I use the 3.5 to RCA cable included with the sound bar it syncs just fine, but there is a noticeable quality difference. 

I understand that sometimes there is a lag because a Kodi TV has to convert the audio to digital, but is there any way to resolve this? Or might another soundbar be better?

I’m actually looking at getting a different soundbar/sub/surround sound setup, but I want to make sure it will work without lag before I waste any time on it.

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