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Internet down in North Delta ?

Just Moved In

Tried rebooting mode, modem light is green but no internet connection. Anyone else have his issue ?


Yes... my North Delta timmys by the bridge is also having telus issues!! so slow like 20-50kbps speeds or no internet at all!! still copper tho the 25 copper lines come from like a esso gas station across the street! crappie services!!

@sandmn79 - The extreme majority of cases the issue is localized to just the one connection. Contact technical support directly to troubleshoot the connection issues. It is by far the fastest way to get problems resolved if rebooting your modem/gateway hasn't helped.


@kikithecafekief101 - Tim Hortons is partnered with Bell for nationwide internet service, not Telus. You can see that the Tim Hortons you complain about still uses Bell >> If you are having problems with Tim Hortons wifi, you may want to speak with them directly.

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Telus has been having wide-ranging issues this last week. I don't have Telus for TV or internet, but my son and daughter do, and my son's services  in Osoyoos were down Tuesday morning for a few hours in a wide outage, and my daughter's service 100 kms away was down in a wide outage on Wednesday. Rarely are sudden outages your own system. I'm with Shaw, and for the last 20 years and more I've never had an outage that was only my system. But Shaw has this thing on their phones, or they did the last time I called a few years ago, in which when there's an outage they have a recording detailing the outage area top of the call, so we don't have to wait on the line. Of course there are also outage maps online.


Like these: -- graph -- map


I like this site because the comments often say where people are having trouble even when Telus (or Shaw) doesn't say, so that lets you know you're not alone. Cat LOL

I would never trust those outage maps from that site. They aren't based on data from the ISPs or real outages but from random user reports which that website does not verify are accurate or truthful. The comments you see are basically peoples tweets that contain the word Telus in them and after reading them, I have to disagree with your assessment of the comments saying where the people are having trouble when Telus or Shaw don't say. There are a lot of random issues that don't spell out any one outage, and for some of the comments, no issue at all.


Problems would be fixed so much faster if people experiencing them would contact their provider first. The hold time, if any, is often far shorter than the time it takes to get an initial response from posting them online or tweeting them.

@mbp-- The site has always been accurate for me. When my internet has been down, I go there on data, and sure enough, it shows as down in my area every time. Shaw also has an outage site, and the two match. West Kelowna has a lot of outages that often make the news, and again, the information has always matched from news articles to the site. There are a lot of sites like it out there, not meant to replace or override complaints to service providers, but like this forum, they're venues for venting, and very often that helps users when they can't get through to service providers. The tweets on the side bar I don't read.