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Internet constantly going out

Just Moved In

Every day near the night time my internet decides to randomly go out for like 2 minutes every hour and its starting to get very annoying


Community Power User
Community Power User
  • Have you contacted technical support yet?
  • Is it wired, wireless or both that drop?
  • Fibre or DSL?
  • Do you have Optik TV and if yes does that stop working also?
  • Is it on all devices in the house or just some?
  • When it drops do the lights on the modem change?
  • During the day are there ever any issues?
  • Any problems with your landline? (static, clicking, etc) - if you have one.

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We have contacted technical support many times
Both drop
We do not have fibre
On all devices
There are not any issues during the day. Just after about 11 pm