If I choose to Upgrade my Internet Will it take effect that day?

I'm intrested in upgrading soon, but I'm curious..

-Will doing so shut my internet off until the upgrade takes effect?
-Am I charged Right away or on my next Bill?
-Will me upgrading take effect right away after payment?

I can't find much info going threw the steps and I just don't want to do it today only for it not to be working till the weekdays.
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Community Power User

What internet package do you currently have and what are you looking at going to?

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I recently upgraded and it was done while on the phone with the agent.


If you are on Fibre and have a modem that is compatible with the internet plan you want to upgrade to it can be done in a matter of minutes most of the time. There would be no interruption in your service.


If you are on copper, you may require a technician to upgrade the speed if they would have to bond it. This means bringing in a second line to merge at the modem to combine their speeds and give you the overall plan you jump up to. If bonding is not required you will still see no interruption in service but the order would most likely have to run overnight and your speed would increase the next morning.