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Huawei B612 Smart Hub




I currently have a ZTE MF275R but it doesnt have a bridge mode and don't want to mess around trying to get it to do that since ive basically used up all the connections on it and want to use my ASUS router to do everything.


I've been looking at either the Huawei B612 or the B890 (discontinued but can still find them) but before I buy one can anyone confirm that the B612 does have a bridge mode. I know the B890 does. 




Helpful Neighbour

Are you planning on replacing the ZTE with the B612? Then plan to connect it to an ASUS router? 


Is your internet connection going to be a cellular signal?

Sorry for late reply.


Yes i will be using cell as my internet but the ASUS router for all of my WI-Fi in my house. I've already replaced the ZTE with the Huawei and its sort of working though not perfectly. 


Can't find any settings for bridging it, should have got the 890 instead?