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How to disable the Hidden SSID on Arcadyan Fibre AC Gateway?


Hey guys I currently have the Arcadyan Fibre AC Gateway set up to have a 5Ghz low and a 5Ghz high band SSID with the 2.4Ghz band disabled. I noticed that the gateway is broadcasting 3 SSIDs. Two of them which I expect - the low and high band SSIDs, and a separate hidden SSID. This SSID has a slightly different MAC address but I can confirm that it is being emitted from the gateway because it has the exact same RSSI values as my other two SSIDs. It is sometimes on the low band, but other times is on the high band on 5Ghz.


Does anyone know what this third hidden SSID is for, and how I can go about disabling it?



Looks like there are 4 SSIDs in total instead of 3. Both low and high band 5Ghz have a separate hidden SSID operating on the same channel with the same RSSI with similar parameters. One hidden SSID has WPS enabled which I disabled throughout my network, whereas the other hidden SSID has it disabled.


What are these two hidden SSIDs for, and how can I disable them?

The hidden SSID on both the Arcadyan modem and the T3200 is the Wireless Access Point function for wireless Optik TV set top boxes. The only way to disable it would be to disable the 5g radio entirely but you wouldn't want to do that.

Telus should really add a toggle to disable this functionality on the Arcadyan gateway in a future firmware update. I don't subscribe to Telus TV and it unnecessarily adds more interference to the already crowded 5 Ghz frequency (at least in my area).