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How to change the maximum connections on T3200M / How to fix the IP address issues

Just Moved In

Is there any info or setting that allow me to have more devices added in my T3200M and also when I connect my iPhone 8 to my wifi, it connects but than my iPhone displays the 169 address instead of the 192 address.  I am not sure if my devices is max out and not sure why I have two different IP.  I have search the internet about this kind of info but, not having much luck to get the proper information I needed.


any help would be appreciated


Community Power User
Community Power User

The T3200 can connect more devices than you will ever have in a house. A 169 address means the connection failed. Go into wireless settings on your phone, find your network and when you can see the settings / IP address click Forget at the top. Once forgotten, reconnect with your wireless password and see what happens.

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