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Home phone outage area code 604 BC


Have no home phone service any outages reported on 604 area code and as usual cannot get through to Telus VERY FRUSTRATING 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Has not been reported in the system status page, so it may be localized. You could try contacting them through their Twitter feed at TELUSsupport.

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Thanks for the info. I have never used Twitter maybe you could give me some help 

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Just did a quick test.... called from a 604 number to another 604 number.  The other phone answered without problems.


You might also want to try the Telus Chat support option.  I found the wait can be half the time of a phone wait.

Tried both those suggestions thanks. Ringing our landline from our cell which are both 604 and landline goes straight to voicemail. The chat option started with saying there were 20+ people ahead of me and after 20min+ I think I was still in the high teens. 


Telus is in the communications business but they know nothing about customer service it seems.

What happens if you try calling another number?  Perhaps work or your favourite restaurant?  Does that work?


Try it with your cell.  Then try with your home phone.  Perhaps you can isolate the problem to a mobile or home phone issue.


I had problems with my home phone once... turned out I had call forwarding enabled.

 Tried this a few times yesterday and again this morning. I get a busy signal.


If incoming goes straight to voicemail, have you checked every phone / fax / etc in your house?  If you unplug all of the phones in the house and try calling, does it still go straight to voicemail? If yes, then the issue is likely outside the house. If no, plug in a corded phone first and try calling again.


Recommended troubleshooting the chat / support people will usually run you through:


I just tried the chat for phone repair and there is only ONE person in the queue. Are you sure you're in the right one? TV or Internet tech support will have a long wait. Once you go to chat, be sure to choose Home, then Home Phone Technical Support.

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Checked everything and no signs of any connection problems in the house


support chat is a joke. I have made the right selection for home phone support numerous times during the past two days but the queue is never less than 17. Tried it three times this am and the queue kept increasing