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High internet usage claims by Telus Usage Meter.

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Something is seriously wrong with the telus usage meter. I ticket has been submitted by technical support but is anyone else having absurdly high internet usage claims?


To give you context from april-sept the average usage was 378GB and not once did it go over 500gb. Telus 150 on Fiber


My billing cycle started Oct 15 and today I checked usage. 1.5TB! in Just 8 days. On saturday it was at 8GB used. Last month it stated 1.34TB used, which I was able to obtain a credit for the $45 telus overage charge. 


Now since saturday I began using a traffic meter on my R7000 router. It states 8110mb used. I also changed my wifi passwords at that time. 


I contacted Telus tech and they opened a ticket to have the issue corrected. The tech support rep agreed it was not normal to have that much usage in just under a week. 


Just posting as a FYI for others out there.


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Community Power User

A number of users in the past have reported similar issues, so you are not alone. A search returns a number of past posts on the topic, and a few solutions.

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I’ve been a Telus customer for almost 5 months.  My meter has never shown any usage.  And I stream video quite regularly.  I do wish it was a reliable tool. 


Yes, I experienced the same thing in May and again a couple of months later. They installed a new modem two months ago and so far everything is okay, however I do check the usage daily so I can jump on it if things go south again.


I do believe it is a Telus issue but what triggers it is a mystery.